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    Our vehicles come from a variety of different sellers such as finance companies, fleet lease companies, rental companies, dealers going out of business, as well as auctions.
    Every vehicle sold by our dealership goes through our 150+ point inspection . If our technicians find any faults which do not require major servicing,  we will make the appropriate repairs and put the vehicle up for sale. If they fail to pass our inspection and our technicians consider that the money and time invested in the repairs isn’t cost effective, they will not be acquired by our dealership or listed and promoted on our website.

    In other words, we sell nothing but the best vehicles, which ensures that our customers will be worry free about any future repairs or unwanted investments.

    Some of the vehicles we sell have a clear title and some might show a lien on their record, nevertheless please ask your sales representative to forward you a copy of the CarFax report.

    NOTE: We will remove any liens before the final sale takes place, therefore the new owner will receive a clean title. Any additional costs related to the lien removal are already included in the total price that you will see listed for any of the vehicles we have on our website.

    We do NOT list for sale vehicles with salvage title.
    You will always be sold a vehicle with a clean title.
    We do NOT sell vehicles that have:
    • odometer issues
    • been involved in any kind of accidents
    • any kind of mechanical or electrical issues
    • been flooded
    • salvage title

    Some of the vehicles we sell might still be under the original factory warranty which will be transferred to new owner.
    If the original warranty is no longer valid, we will provide a 12 months post-sale warranty contracted with the manufacturer.
    Warranty covers: engine, transmission, mechanical and electrical components and is available at any authorized dealer of the manufacturer.
    We are happy to provide help with your financing needs. Please contact your sales representative for details.

    • You can check and test drive any vehicle available at our dealership. Just make an appointment based on your availability and our opening hours.
    • Vehicles which are currently not in our dealer lot, will be available for inspection only after ordering. We have a 3 day inspection period policy which allows you to have the vehicle inspected at any authorized dealer. Keep in mind that these vehicles were already inspected by our technicians so you are allowed the same benefits before making your purchase final.

    We can ship your vehicle by one of our open or enclosed trailers. All vehicles are insured during transportation.
    Shipping fees are being calculated using as starting the current location of the vehicle with the following rates:

    • $0.75 for each mile using an open trailer
    • $1.25 for each mile using an enclosed trailer

    • For vehicles which are already at our dealership, delivery takes 3-7 days depending on the location where you want to have it sent.
    • Vehicles which are currently not in our dealer lot, delivery takes an additional 1-2 weeks depending on their current location and the time needed to get all the paperwork ready.

    • Vehicles which are at our Dealership can be picked up next day after confirming your payment.
    • Vehicles which are currently not in our dealer lot, need an additional 1-2 weeks depending on their current location and the time needed to get all the documents ready. The sales representative assigned to handle your transaction will let you know the exact date when the vehicle will reach our dealership so you could arrange the pick up date accordingly.

    • We offer money back guarantee within a three (3) day inspection/testing period.
    • You are entitled to receive a full refund. No questions asked, if you don’t like it, you can just have it returned.

    If you exceed the 3 days inspection period and decide to return the vehicle, you are responsible to pay for the shipping fees and a penalty fee of 50% from the initial deposit.

    • We will send you a Purchase Contract for the vehicle you wish to purchase and Wiring instruction for the initial deposit.
    • Depending on the availability and current location of the vehicle you wish to purchase, we require a down-payment of 10% or 20% of the total price to reserve your vehicle. Remaining balance will be paid when you will pick up the vehicle, or, when the 3 day inspection period ends.
    • Confirmation of funds must be verified by your sales representative before vehicle is released.
    • We are working on adding more payment methods but at the moment we are able to receive only bank-to-bank wire transfers.

    We do not have any hidden fees! The price you see listed is the final price you will have to pay for the vehicle.

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