Sale Terms and conditions

Sale terms and conditions for vehicles advertised by our company

Please read carefully before initiating a transaction through our website!

  • Not ALL vehicles are available to view and test drive at our dealership, some of them are owned by third parties (finance/fleet lease/rental companies, other dealers and more). Please confirm availability with your sales representative and regarding the location of the vehicle you would like to purchase.
  • If you order a vehicle online we require:
    •         a 10% deposit of the total price for vehicles which are located in our Showroom
    •         a 20% deposit of the total price for vehicles which are NOT in our Showroom.

    NOTE: We have to pay in full for the vehicles which are not currently in our dealership lot, therefore the deposit required is 20% for this type of vehicles in order to mitigate the risk of adding another vehicle to our inventory for which we did not anticipate.

  • You need to confirm the payment by sending us a copy of the bank receipt or a print screen of the transfer if you pay using your online banking.
  • Within 24 hours from the receipt of your payment confirmation a sales representative will contact you to make arrangements for the pick up / delivery of the vehicle.
  • If you cannot pick up the vehicle we can offer our shipping service at the below rates:
    •         $0.75 / mile / one vehicle / using an open trailer
    •         $1.25 / mile / one vehicle / using an enclosed trailer
  • Depending on the preferred method of shipping (open /enclosed trailer) and availability, your vehicle will be shipped within 2-3 business days from the time we receive your deposit.
  • You are welcome to use your own shipping company to pick up the vehicle from our dealership. In this case you are required to insure the transport.
  • Delivery time depends strictly on the distance of travel from the vehicle’s current location to your shipping address. Usually delivery is made in less than a week, if not sooner.
  • Documents required to transfer the ownership of the vehicle are prepared by our dealership in advance and just require your signature at pick-up/delivery.
  • For vehicles being shipped – we offer an inspection period of 3 days in which you can have the vehicle inspected by a certified mechanic with a test drive limit of 150 miles.
  • If for any reason you wish to return the vehicle during your inspection period you need to contact the sales representative assigned for your transaction and make arrangements to ship back the vehicle.
  • At this point, shipping back the vehicle will not imply any additional costs, you will receive a full refund and we will pay any cost related to shipping.
  • If you exceed the 3 days inspection period and decide to return the vehicle, you are responsible to pay for the shipping fees and a penalty fee of 50% from the initial deposit.
  • If the vehicle is not returned in the same condition as initially delivered, you will have to pay for any additional repairs/servicing requested by our technicians based on their inspection.
  • Refunds are processed within 3-5 business days, by Bank Wire Transfer to the same account you’ve paid from.
  • All vehicles are sold with a one year warranty plan, valid at any official dealer of the Manufacturer, that covers Engine, Transmission, Electrical and Mechanical components of the vehicle.
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